About me

Agnès Hémery was born in 1951 and received her education in Paris where she achieved her studies in La Sorbonne. The cultural emulation of the city contributed to make her a free spirit with a demanding aesthetic quest.

She joined the group « Figuration critique » with whom she participated to shows in important places in Paris such as Le Grand Palais or La Grande Arche de la Défense, and in South Korea.

The artist made a series of vast solo shows in prestigious historical places such as the Abbaye du Thoronet in 1995 or la Chapelle de la Salpétrière in Paris in 1999.

The echo between her works and the architecture is always very impressive. So in 1999 the Conseil Général of la Manche organized a retrospective of the artist’s works in highlight places such as the Abbaye of Avranches, the Abbaye of Cerisy-la-Forêt or the Museum of Saint Lô.

In 2006, Agnès Hémery chose to settle down in a wild and recluse place in direct contact with the sea and the elements in her new studio « the Spirit of the Dunes »

In a new impulse the artist starts representing a Pantheist visionary world opening our senses and our consciousness to the perception that « We are One with all the living creatures »

The artist’s annual travels to India, a country she loves for its magic and spirituality, partakes of her pantheist commitment. In the same way, her stays among intense energetic vortex of New Mexico and Arizona gave birth to radiant works.

2015 is a landmark as an important monography « Agnès Hémery, Thirty years’paintings » is being published.

Ever since, the artist is committing herself to the preparation of an important series of books in which she associates flamboyant illustrations to her inspired writings. As with her previous books « The Songs of Destiny » and « The Songs of Time » their moving and intense content makes us deeply feel that Nature and animals have to be considered as sacred, an essential condition to our survival.